Bringing the Digital Revolution
to Direct Mail.

Thanks to the digital revolution, the world around us has sped up. But not direct mail testing. Test protocols haven’t changed in decades. Yet only one in 10 direct mail tests beat the control package. And the pressure to create high-performing packages on a shrinking budget is unrelenting. A new virtual direct mail testing platform, Accelerated Insights, has disrupted the channel by dramatically lifting response rates, increasing reliability and shortening time to market – at one-tenth the cost of traditional testing.


The Accelerated Insights team discusses how this new virtual testing platform is changing the landscape for marketers.


Accelerated Insights is a virtual platform that cuts total testing time by 75 percent. You can get better, more reliable results in 60 days.

Using a proprietary algorithm, Accelerated Insights predicts which combination of format, offer, messaging and imagery will be most effective.

Accelerated Insights cuts hard testing costs up to 90 percent, while also improving the accuracy of results. That equals a big return on your marketing investment.


With Accelerated Insights we can test multiple variables at one time to determine which motivates our target consumers to act, and which is more cost-effective. Finally, we have a testing platform that doesn’t require so much time and calculation, yet still gets us the information we need to develop productive mail packages.


The Power of
Persona Marketing.

Marketers have been following the same direct mail testing protocols for decades. Accelerated Insights digs deeper. It combines demographics with the cultural and emotional factors that affect decision making. Its sophisticated persona matrix pinpoints how to motivate consumers.

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A Rapid Test and Learn Platform.

The Accelerated Insights Simulator is a cloud-based application that gives you secure access to testing results 24/7.

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The Marketing Experts Behind
Accelerated Insights.

Accelerated Insights was developed by veteran direct marketing experts who have decades of experience in print and digital product creation, multi-channel integration and data mining. The technology is backed by Quad, a leading provider of personalization technologies and multi-channel marketing solutions.

Andy Bear
Executive Director of Strategy
Andy leads Quad’s team of marketing solutions consultants. His career spans more than 30 years, moving from software development to customized digital multi-channel marketing technologies. He is a master at connecting technology with data to create innovative marketing campaigns.
Art Hall
Multi-channel Consultant
Art’s expertise is leveraging customer data into highly-personalized life-stage marketing solutions. His background includes data mining, database management, data analytics and market research. He is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association.
Debbie Seigenthaler
Senior Marketing Consultant
A 30-plus year marketing professional, Debbie uses proprietary tools to gain insights into the media preferences, messaging and imagery that resonate best with target audiences. She believes that data holds the key to marketing success, and helps businesses understand – and use – their data assets.

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